City of Wichita Falls Recreation Leader/Day Camp - Summer in Wichita Falls, Texas

Posting Information

Brief Description

The purpose of this position is to organize instruct and lead a variety of recreational activities at a youth day camp. This is accomplished by receiving training from supervisors. Demonstrating and leading Day Camp participants in a variety of recreational activities such as games, sports, arts & crafts, etc. Other duties include monitoring campers for over heating, illness or injury. Insuring activities and facilities are completely safe. Notifying supervisor of equipment or maintenance needs. Confers with supervisor on a daily basis. Individuals previously employed in this position may be given preferential hiring.

Formal Education

Work requires knowledge necessary to understand basic operational, technical, or office processes. Level of knowledge equivalent to four years of high school or equivalency.


Under and including one year


Work requires the occasional direction of helpers, assistants, seasonal employees, interns, volunteers or temporary employees.

Human Collaboration Skills

Work may require providing advice to others outside direct reporting relationships on specific problems or general policies. Contacts may require the consideration of different points of view to reach agreement. Elements of persuasion may be necessary to gain cooperation and acceptance of ideas.

Freedom to Act

Receives Direction – The employee normally performs the duty assignment after receiving general instructions as to methods, procedures, and desired results. There is some opportunity for discretion when making selections among a few, easily identifiable choices. The assignment is usually reviewed upon completion.

Technical Skills

Basic – Work requires the use of standard technical skills appropriate to the work environment of the organization.

Budget Responsibility

This position has budgetary responsibility.


Intermediate – Ability to read papers, periodicals, journals, manuals, dictionaries, thesauruses, and encyclopedias. Ordinarily, such education is obtained in high school up to college. However, it may be obtained from experience and self-study.


Basic – Ability to perform the four basic arithmetic operations. Ordinarily, such education is obtained in elementary school up to high school. However, it may be obtained from experience and self-study


Basic – Ability to write simple sentences containing subject, verb, and object, and/or series of numbers, names, and addresses. Ordinarily, such education is obtained in elementary school up to high school. However, it may be obtained from experience and self-study.

Certification & Other Requirements


Position Number: E3122N

Working Job Title: Recreation Leader/Day Camp - Summer

Range: 914

Advertised Salary: 12.693

Beginning Hourly: 12.693

Position Type: Temporary Full Time

Driver's License: No

Posting Date: 02/23/2018

Essential Function: Maintain discipline and order: Maintain proper discipline by enforcing rules and policies. Issue equipment and insure area is picked up and all equipment is stored when finished. Insure children are kept in proper groups to maintain safety. Administer first aide if necessary. Confer with supervisor daily of equipment needs, hazardous conditions, discipline problems or program problems. Make suggestions for new activities.

Code: Medium

Physical strength for this position: M

Standing: Communicating with co-workers, Observing work duties, Observing work site, Making presentations

Standing Frequency: F

Fine Dexterity: None

Fine Dexterity Frequency: N

Walking: To other departments/offices/office equipment, Around work site

Walking Frequency: C

Lifting: Supplies, Equipment, Files

Lifting Frequency: F

Carrying: Supplies, Equipment, Files

Carrying Frequency: O

Sitting: Desk Work, Meetings

Sitting Frequency: R

Reaching: For supplies and files

Reaching Frequency: O

Handling: Paperwork

Handling Frequency: R

Kneeling: Filing in lowerdrawers, Retrieving items from lower shelves/ground

Kneeling Frequency: O

Crawling: None

Crawling Frequency: N

Pushing/Pulling: File drawers, Tables and chairs, Equipment

Pushing/Pulling Frequency: O

Climbing: Stairs, Ladder, Step stool, Onto Equipment

Climbing Frequency: R

Vision: Reading, Computer Screen, Observing worksite

Vision Frequency: C

Foot Controls: Driving, Operating heavy equipment

Foot Controls Frequency: R

Balancing: On Ladder, on step stool, on equpment

Balancing Frequency: O

Bending: Filing in lower drawers, Retrieving items from lower shelves/ground, Making repairs

Bending Frequency: F

Crouching: Filing in lower drawers, Retrieving items from lower shelves/ground

Crouching Frequency: F

Hearing: Communicating via telephone/radio, to co-workers/public, listening to equipment

Hearing Frequency: C

Twisting: From computer to telephone, Getting inside vehicle

Twisting Frequency: F

Talking: Communicating via telephone/radio, to co-workers/public

Talking Frequency: C

Other (specified if applicable): None

Other Frequency: N

Machines, Tools, Equipment, Software, and Hardware:Computers, printers and related software, copier, fax machine, check signing equipment.: Recreation games and activity equipment, hand tools, First Aid Kit.

Extreme Temperatures: D

Wetness/Humidity: S

Respiratory Hazards: N

Noise and Vibration: N

Physical Hazards: N

Mechanical Hazards: R

Chemical Hazards: N

Electrical Hazards: N

Fire Hazards: N

Explosives: N

Communicable Diseases: N

Physical Danger or Abuse: N

Other Health and Safety Factor: None

Protective Equipment Required: None

Time Pressure: O

Frequent Change of Tasks: F

Performing Multiple Tasks Simultaneously: O

Tedious or Exacting Work: R

Noisy/Distracting Environment: O

Emergency Situation: O

Irregular Work Schedule/Overtime: O

Working Closely with Others as Part of a Team: F

Other (see below): N

Other Non-Physical Demand: None

Primary Work Location: Outdoors